How To Play Skill Shooting Games-Panda VS Alien?

The game’s difficulty is 10%-40% can be adjusted at will. Support all fish table game cabinets. Support vertical and horizontal: multi players.

Players simply use the joystick to aim their gun tube at the species, then hit the SHOOT button to try and catch them. Each species has an odds and bet of each shot can be adjusted from 10 to 1000 credits in this skill shooting games. Players receive points for every species they catch. The simple concept is offset by fast, exciting game play that demands quick thinking, skill and co-ordination, in order to be the best. Which gives players unlimited exciting experience and lots of joyful fun when the game on the go, this game includes plenty of opportunities for generous multipliers and power-ups that keep the action going for hours on end. Additionally, this game can be configured to suit the unique needs of your game room.

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Are you looking for a way to boost the profits of your bowling alley, game room, or another entertainment establishment? If so, Intelligent Game Software is here to help. We’ve been in the industry longer than any other manufacturers, so you can trust we know what makes a fun and competitive skill shooting games. From the storyline to the detailed interactive display, our Panda VS Alien developers fine-tune every last detail of our games to ensure that your customers come back to your games time and time again.

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Our skill shooting games has a high reputation among our customers, especially in the American market. According to the players respond and requirement, keep upgrade our games to increase the user experience and attraction. Our skill shooting games are found almost in all  Game Centers or Fun Center, it is a popular game machine, preferred by the players, and meanwhile the skill arcade games are profitable for the operators.

Game room operators and players alike love the skill shooting games that we develop and Panda VS Alien is no exception. The game developers here at GZIGS have spared no attention to detail during the creation of this action-packed game, making it a must-have addition to your entertainment establishment. Our team would love to help you maximize the potential of your game room with this incredible creation. Contact us today to request more information

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Fish Game Board

Fish Game Board