Fire Kirin II Awaken

Fire Kirin II Awaken game features description

1. Function play:
1. With the functions of JP1 and JP2, which are silver crab and golden crab respectively, they will appear randomly and draw different proportions of the prize randomly according to the value of the shot at the time of explosion;
2. Kylin doubled: 1-10 times of fire-breathing effects after bursting, random 300-800 times;
3. With doubling function: after blasting, the special effect will be doubled 1-10 times, 100-200 times randomly;
4. Crazy Shark: 10 times, kill the small fish to randomly get doubled beads and can accumulate up to 10, after blasting the crazy shark, the number of times will be doubled according to the number of beads, and each explosion will kill a part of the fish;

Two, background function
1. Bullet options: random lock mode with the joystick down or left and right selection after the joystick is down twice;
2. Jackpot ratio: high, middle and low three levels adjustable;

Three, program algorithm
1. The difficulty is 1-5, the corresponding difficulty is 5-8 points, and the difficulty is increased by three levels in the background.
2. With reference to the characteristics of the IGS program, the accounts will not be negative, and the whole machine will not be negative after clearing, unless the winnings are drawn immediately after clearing.
3. Clearing every week will increase the points.
4. Through the method of not losing the account and low profit point, it can meet the requirements of the venue not only to meet the requirements of not losing the account but also to increase the popularity.
5. If the customer has very high requirements for profit points in this way, they can consider increasing the difficulty appropriately, and each level of difficulty can increase the profit by about 3 points.

Fish Game Board

Fish Game Board

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