Panda VS Alien Online APP

Panda VS Alien ONLINE APP!!

the only online and offline show that is exactly the same, is launched simultaneously. It not only meets the needs of online players for freedom of time and space, but also meets the needs of offline players for the ultimate experience and warm atmosphere. Merchants operating this game can gain a larger market and more benefits!


How does it do that?

The game effect is upgraded again. For the first time, two BOSS characters familiar to players from all over the world have collided together. The stunning, stimulating screen effects and carefully-tuned core algorithm make the players who are playing love it, and watch the players eagerly!


Full coverage of offline and online. When playing on a physical device offline, the download QR code of the online game APP will appear regularly on the screen, and the players watching to the side can scan the code to download, and the mobile phone can also play. The same content, the same wonderful, play in the store, play at home, play whatever you want!


Maximize business interests. Flexible and affordable cooperation model makes early start-up easier; offline auxiliary line retains existing customer sources, develops new customer sources, and increases market share faster; traffic grows rapidly, profits are getting higher and higher, making money simpler

The professional team will escort you. The exclusive technical team of this product provides full service, stable product and worry-free after-sales service. You can make money easily and happily

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