Shooting fish games had attracted thousands of gamblers over the world, especially the USA, Singapore, or Malaysia. To meet the needs of all gamblers, an online fish tables appeared and became the spiritual dish for many gamblers at fire kirin app


What is fish game online

This game’s storyline is related to the underwater world and its inhabitants, making this slot a truly exciting one. Players have to shoot fishes in the water and collect the winning points, just like that. Everything is so simple.

How to play

First, players need to select the necessary type of gun and shoot at the fish,but they need to select the right fish because they all have different amounts of winning. The guns also have different capacities. The simplest weapon costs less, while the most powerful requires a high bet on the shot,players will get the credits by killing fish,and they will definitely enjoy the gameplay, as it is a breath of fresh air in the game world. Players are sure in for a time of fun and adventure under the water.

How to make a profit

Resell credits to operators, distributors, stores, locations and players. Max net profit 85% !!!

How to become a distributor

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SLOTS GAME :27 Games

FISH GAME:15 Games


Total: 46 Games (Constantly Renewing Games)

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